we see dead people

19 Jan



Esteemed international investigator, the subject of the second chapter of PLAYING DEAD, and the owner of the best set of eyebrows in show business, Steve Rambam, interviewed me on his radio show! I talk black market morgues and scoring my own death certificate in the Philippines. In our tete-a-tete, Rambam likens me to both a sorority girl and also Nellie Bly, and I ain’t saying which comparison I enjoyed more. The subsequent guest is none other than Richard Marquez, who also makes an appearance in my so-called book and has investigated many an elaborate life insurance fraud in his day, hence the episode’s title, “We See Dead People.” Indeed we do. Listen HERE! 

interview in the FATBOY REVIEW!

19 Jan


The loveliest limey Richard House interviewed moi in his FATBOY REVIEW! A quick google revealed to me that there is another FAT BOY REVIEW (note the subtle spacing) that has nothing whatsoever to do with zaftig gents. I hope to be the first author to be featured in both periodicals. Read all about it HERE!

hometown heroes!

2 Dec


I mean, I think my hometown of Wustah, MA has ALWAYS been cool (in a way), but no doubt Alec Lopez and Sherri Sadowski are making it even cooler. Read the December issue of TAKE Magazine for my TAKE har har!

Gone Girls

20 Jul


I wrote a tiny essay for Al Jazeera America about the disappearing ladies of literature and a few findings from moi’s forthcoming book PLAYING DEAD!

“In the opening pages of Elena Ferrante’s first book of her Neapolitan novels, 66-year-old Lina Cerullo has gone missing. Her adult son discovers she has cut herself out of family photos. “She wanted to vanish” Elena, her best childhood friend, remembers. “She wanted every one of her cells to disappear, nothing of her ever to be found, to leave not so much as a hair in the world.”

“My Brilliant Friend” is one of a spate of books published in the past couple of years whose female protagonist disappears. But these characters don’t get snatched by a madman lurking in the bushes; nor are these women the typical blonde innocents who make headlines and launch nationwide searches. Rather, these are affluent adult (and usually white) women who conscientiously choose to opt out of their lives.”

Read the rest here!

Scroll Dat!

10 May


Namaste!  I write to you from the wilds of southern India, where I am holed up, drunk on Kingfisher, and plotting a way to never return Stateside [insert faked death joke here].  I tried to hop on to the back of this guy’s motorcycle to spirit me away but alas he was too swift and I am too full of daal and love for humanity because this place is giving me LYFE! Next escape plan is stowing away under a lady’s sari.  Oh yeah and I’m editing my book so you will soon have a new cubic object to lob in frustration. I claim no liability for broken glass and/or strained shoulders. And did I mention that I am FAMOUS in India?!  Check out this darling piece on my whereabouts and do-abouts in Scroll, penned by the brilliant Mohini Gupta.  Read all about us here! (Please disregard the photo where I am ladeling a heaping portion of dinner and appear to have Down’s syndrome.  What can I say, it’s a glamorous life.)



16 Mar


Hey, look at me, I’m not dead, nor have I faked my death (yet).  But I was recently a guest on the groovy podcast THE CATAPULT and read from the introduction of my book, which will be a tangible, physical object one day, or so they tell me.  Check out the episode here!


12 Aug

rambam headshot


Here’s a short interview I did with Steve Rambam, PI for esquire.com.  He is the subject of his very own TV show on Investigation Discovery, the owner of an extraordinary face, and the subject of chapter two in my forthcoming  book, PLAYING DEAD, which I aim to finish before hitting menopause.  

Steve sez:

“If you’re faking your death, you have to make it believable. The minute there’s no body, or the body has been mangled beyond all possibility of identification, or cremated to the point of no DNA, a good investigator will go the extra mile.

Zagat could review jail food in France and it would come out better than most American restaurants.

 Life is going to be annoying. But it gets better. Today sucks, tomorrow won’t. It takes a while to figure that out. When you’re youn personal disaster is all encompassing.”


Read the rest here!



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