I’m Big in the Philippines

27 Jul


I’m big in the Philippines.  I mean HUGE!  Literally, that is.  I spent a glorious week sampling the delicassies, like this guy

IMG_0358and being serendaded by blind bands.  The Philippines is at the fore of blind entertainment, as evidence by this video and this video, and this guy, who also provides massages.


But the Phillippines does not only excel in visually impaired trubadors, but also in painfully adorable children performing their traditional dances to the utmost level of nuclear cute.

What else does the Philippines boast?  Colors for days!  Here’s a gorgeous spectrum from Magellen’s Cross and the Basilica of Santo Nino in Cebu:


IMG_0430(Don’t float away!)


The food is also really fun and colorful in the Philippines, even if you’re not so into staring deeply into your dinner’s eyes, like the lechón up at the top.

You’ve got these breakfast guys:


And leggedy friends for lunch:


And dinnertime is the only time you could ever feel crabby

IMG_0455Because how could you ever feel grouchy when you spent most of the day lazing hereIMG_0457

which you arrived at by this


and even the airplane snacks are happy


But no trip to the glittering archipelago is complete without a trip to the famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol

IMG_0537where they even kindly provide a backdrop for your photo op in case the weather isn’t cooperating


and you can’t miss the Bohol Bee Farm


because if you are lucky Ruel will be your tour guide, and he is a Filipino National Treasure


and he is also very brave (those are his hands)

IMG_0639and you can admire the gorgeous woven creations local women make


IMG_0618and if you’re real lucky you can arrive in style, either by tricycle


IMG_0592or by the legendary tricked out Filipino Jeepney


and you’ll never want to go home because the Philippines realizes that you are big there, and has thus made bathtub accommodations to suit your outrageous proportions

IMG_0425because that’s how considerate Filipinos are, because they even take your hunger into consideration when you visit the Governor’s Palace in Cebu

IMG_0365they give you a snack.  A government office dispensing muffins,


rather than dirty looks and ill will, is impossible to imagine, unless, that is, you are in the Philippines.

Where you are big and very very happy.

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2 Responses to “I’m Big in the Philippines”

  1. SingleMomInCebu.com August 1, 2013 at 9:17 am #

    HI Elizabeth! :) Thank you for your funny and entertaining post about our country especially about Cebu where I live. In fact, the church in the background of public jeepneys is just two blocks away from my house. :D I like your writing style and followed your blog. :) By the way, are you still Cebu?

    • elizabeth greenwood August 4, 2013 at 4:44 pm #

      hi! wish i had known i was in your neighborhood, because i would’ve swung by for a coffee! i’m back in new york now, but still dreaming of beautiful cebu!

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